CEO’s Greetings

Thank you for visiting the website of Dansuk Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

We Pursue the mission of contributing to the happiness and improvement of humanity’s quality of life through eco-friendly technologies and creative thinking. We are committed to being an Only One Company in design, development, manufacturing, and services of normal & super-engineering plastic compounds, and PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled), and eco-friendly plastic compounds. Simultaneously, we make thorough customer perspective and ESG management as our top priority.

We set our goals :

  • Various eco-friendly business markets based on PCR,
  • Enhance our capabilities and establish a circular economy across the plastic value chain,
  • Strengthen our PB products based on PCR, EP (Engineering Plastics), and SEP (Super Engineering Plastics),
  • Achieve both external growth / internal stability through specialization and cost innovation,
  • Develop Eco-friendly EP & SEP based on innovation and creativity
  • Secure innovative technology and facilities
  • Ensure ZERO major industrial accidents, ZERO environmental regulatory violations, based on system control
  • Improve working environment / fun and exciting organizational culture

We pursue happiness of employees and eco-friendly values that enhances quality of life through our goals, and contribute development of human society.

We will take our steps with active communication with our members and customers, prudent decision-making, and continuous change, based on corporate culture of innovation, challenge, passion, and sympathy,

We sincerely appreciate your unwavering support, and wish your health and happiness. Thank you.

Kwon Ki Young, CEO of Dansuk Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

Kwon Ki Young, CEO of Dansuk Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

Kwon Ki Young, CEO of Dansuk Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.


We will move towards the future with a passionate spirit of challenge.


Apr. A company name changed to
Dansuk Advanced materials Co., Ltd.

Aug. ISO 45001 certificate, attained


Sep. ISCC Plus certificate, attained


Dec. PCR Plant 2, etablished


Nov. A subsidiary company belongs to Dansuk Industry Co., Ltd.